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Wine Fair and autumn crowfunding in Sancerre

Dernière mise à jour : 9 oct. 2020

Vintage 2020 is now in the cellars and the fermentations slowly finish. As 2020 wines are full of promises, Sancerre vineyard doesn't take rest and still keep the move.

An Autumn Wine Fair in Sancerre: first edition!

Because of Covid crisis, the two flagship wine events of the region, the Sancerre Wine Fair (usually at Pentecost) and the Wines from France Fair (last weekend in August) have been canceled. Sancerre syndicate has decided to make a really smart blend of the two concepts in order to offer an Autumn Wine Fair in the streets of Sancerre on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of October.

How does it work ? It’s very simple. You buy a tasting glass for 5 euros and as you walk through the streets of the medieval city, you can discover the wines of the different villages of Sancerre (normally not far from 400 different wines), wines from Centre-Loire and wines from all over France. You can also buy a few bottles on site, so it's a great plan to full your cellar before winter time.

You can also eat on site and in the restaurants in the city. Everything is planned (respecting the sanitary rules) to have a great time.

For all the information, it's here (sorry it's in french).

Crowdfunding and wine tourism in Sancerre

In order to boost tourism in the region, « Tourisme et Territoires du Cher » (tourisme promotion official organism) launched a call for new projects in early 2020.

Among the 10 projects selected, 4 are located in the Sancerre vineyard.

- Rêvd'ailes (paragliding flights over the Sancerre vines and villages),

- the photographer Pierre Mérat ("Automnales", 2nd picture book on Sancerre),

- V.U.E sur vigne (sustainable wine shop in Sancerre),

- Domaine Vincent Grall (restoration of a vineyard lodge for events and tastings).

All of them launched their fundraising campaign on October 1 on KissKissBankBank platform. This is scheduled to last 45 days.

I know these 4 projects very well, I invite you to go and discover them and why not help them. It's time to click!

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