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Some 2020 pics of Sancerre harvest - Episode 1

The harvest reaches its acmé in Sancerre and if the pinot noir is now almost all collected, the pickers and the machines work a lot in the hillsides to harvest ripe and very beautiful sauvignons blancs.

Not too much writings today but some pictures of harvest under the September sun.

Photos taken in Sancerre and Bué with Domaine Vincent Grall, Domaine Fouassier, Domaine Lemain, Domaine Vincent Pinard and Domaine Jean-Max Roger.

Grapes full of sun but with very different yields depending on the plots. August heatwave episode was particularly severe for the vines planted on clay.

Very good harvest conditions but the afternoon temperatures sometimes make to work only in the morning (from 7:00)in order to bring at cellars not so warm grapes and protect the pickers.

Some whites are already in the process of fermentation and we can't wait to see if they will be as bright as the 2019s.

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